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Health smartwatch ECG chest patch blood pressure blood oxygen sleep monitor

Health smartwatch ECG chest patch blood pressure blood oxygen sleep monitor

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Intelligent ECG blood glucose health watch, 1.39-inch 360*360 HD touch screen, ECG, chest patch real-time ECG analysis, ECG monitoring, non-invasive blood glucose, heart rate monitoring, blood pressure monitoring, blood oxygen monitoring, multi-exercise mode, custom dial, online multi-dial, exercise recording.Sleep monitoring, call and message reminder, ultra low power consumption and long endurance.Metal alloy case, silent alarm clock, remote photo, music control, sitting reminder, drink water reminder, weather display, countdown, shake to take photos, mobile phone search.

this products is not a medical device,and the measurement results and data are for reference not serve as any medical basis.

1. The product is not a medical device. Message content is for reference only, and should not be used for clinical diagnosis.
2. Not applicable to users under age 18, or those diagnosed with other types of arrhythmia. Please read the instructions thoroughly.
3. in the case of arrhythmia measuring blood pressure, can lead to blood pressure measurement error.
4. The product measures radial blood pressure at the wrist, high blood viscosity is high, poor circulation, and vascular sclerosis patients (such as diabetes, hyperlipidemia, hypertension, cerebral thrombosis, etc.), which may cause data measurement error.
5. measurement, please lift the wrist with this product to flush with the heart.
6. 5-10 minutes before the measurement do not do vigorous exercise, sitting or lying position, please don't talk during the measurement process.
7. The product can be worn during shallow water activities, such as swimming in pools and shallow waters along the coast, but not for long periods of time in the water. It should not work in hot showers, hot springs, or saunas (steam rooms), nor during platform dives, high-pressure rinsing, or other activities that involve high water pressure, high temperatures, high levels of humidity, or fast-flowing water. It is not suitable for scuba dives, or technical dives. Rinse off the watch with fresh water after using it in ocean water. Leather and metal straps are not designed to withstand swimming or sweat. It is recommended that you wear other types of straps, in such scenarios. Water resistance is not permanent, and protection may decrease with daily wear and tear.