Non-invasive blood glucose detection

Non-invasive blood glucose detection technique

  1. Near-infrared non-invasive blood glucose detection technology

Because glucose has good infrared activity, we use high sensitivity, low cost and precision

High, most promising near-infrared spectroscopy to measure blood glucose.

The design uses diffuse reflection for infrared spectroscopy, which can overcome the strong absorption of infrared light

Close, reduce the error. Because glucose contains the combined frequency and double frequency of C-H, N-H and O-H

Absorb information and thus have good infrared activity. According to the experiment, it is concluded that the infrared light has good activity on glucose at the wavelength above 1800nm, so the near infrared light of 1310nm and 1800nm is used at the wavelength.13 The 10 nm infrared is less sensitive to the glucose absorption spectrum than the 1800nm infrared. Infrared light of 1800nm was used as measurement light and 1310nm as reference light.


wavelength (nm)

Figure 1 Near-infrared absorption spectra of glucose and other components in the blood


The signal within the frequency of a specific region was extracted on the signal processing to improve the grape characteristic components. On the data analysis, the data of the two wavelengths were analyzed, and according to the pattern of blood glucose fluctuation, the extraction of blood glucose change


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